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DIY "Art" & Covered Parsons Table

The walls in my living room are painted a creamy white and I always thought I wanted a neutral, textured room, and there are certainly elements of that happening in here, but I've got to do me! I love colors, but more than that, I love patterns, and this room is full of them now!

These two DIY projects that I finished up a couple of weeks ago are certainly contributing to the situation developing in here.

I've had this old, resin parsons table for years now...


It's a great, versatile piece, perfect for layering, etc., but I was never in love with the 70's orange finish...duh. I thought about painting it or trying a faux finish on it, but I've been seeing a lot of tutorials recently on covering parsons style pieces, so I thought I'd give it a try. 

All you need is some Mod Podge and some thinner fabric- drapery weight is great, a printed cotten is ideal. For this project, I used a couple of yards of Robert Allen's Indigo Ombre fabric @here. I Mod Podge'd the entire table, then started wrapping each leg with the fabric first. I finished off with the table top, then just folded the corners as neatly as possible...

It's not perfect, and definitely looks better from some angles rather than others, but I love the custom look of it for very little $$! The indigo blue is so lovely, and I love it layered with the brass trunk underneath. 

I followed the same sort of technique for the art panels. Michael's was having one of their Buy One Get One sales and I picked up two large canvases. I always thought I'd paint a sort of abstract piece and call it a day, but when I happened upon four yards of Kelly O'Neal's hand printed snake linen fabric, I just fell in love with it. 4 yards is a weird amount really, I couldn't cover a whole chair with it and wouldn't have enough for two ottomans, so I thought hanging it on my wall was a great way to enjoy it everyday!

I covered my canvases in Mod Podge and layed the fabric on top. I wrapped it around the edges and ended up with this...

I used continuous fabric so it seems like the snakes are floating between the covered panels. I also installed brass corners on the canvases for a more finished look.

I ended up switching out the shag rug I had in here for a more colorful Kars-Style Persian one I picked up off of Ebay a few months ago...

So much for peaceful neutrals I guess! Now on to finding the perfect fabric to recover those chairs... xx



A Makeover and the Entry Nook

Oftentimes people ask me to spill the beans on my favorite piece of furniture in my own home. I find this nearly impossible to answer, because my favorite thing about every piece is the story that comes along with it. Where I was when I found it, who I bought it from, where they got it from, how far it traveled to get here, etc. 

However, I do have one piece that is quickly becoming a favorite of sorts. It lives in my entry, and it started out it's life like this...

This short little unassuming bench once lived at the foot of my Mother in Law's bed as she grew up. It's seen many years of love and this is my favorite part about it. She used to lay under the bench with her friends and scribble names of all of the boys she was going to marry and all sorts of things that matter to a pre-teen girl.

I knew I wanted to preserve these scribbles, but I couldn't wait to give it a little makeover for our entryway! Here's how it's all fitting together now...

I started off by using our Ryobi Circular Saw {again} to cut off all of the original legs which were a little too short for our needs. Then I bought a set of handmade hairpin legs off of Etsy for a steal. These are 18" legs, so it's nice and tall and perfectly accomodates storage baskets underneath! 

I sanded down the bench really well and gave it a couple of coats of high gloss paint. This color is an all time favorite of mine {Benjamin Moore Lead Gray}. I can't wait to snap some shots of our kitchen for you...this color plays a {huge} role in there too! I also happened to have three of these vintage brass knobs left over from a little dresser refinishing project for my friend @here.

Of course if you've been reading this blog for some time, you know I'm more than obsessed with David Hicks' La Fiorentina fabric {hello- 3 colorways alone on one bench!} and this is where my Jonathan Adler needlepoint pillows live, as well. I happened to find 4 yards of La Fiorentina at a remnant shop here in Richmond for $2.99 a yard! It was just enough to make the perfect cushy cushion for this bench, which I didn't feel so bad about having custom made because I saved so much $$$ on fabric.

Again, there's still a lot to do here. I think it would be just fantastic to add a stripe, small scale pattern or a fun pop of color on this wall in the entry. I feel good about where things are headed though, and I can't tell you how nice it is to know I've given this very special bench a new lease on life! xx


Turning One Table into Two

Hi all! Sorry for the MIA-ness...Summer in the South is just so magical...I've been spending as little time as possible on my computer and maximizing my quality of life over here! But don't you worry, I'm about to make up for all the radio silence with a week of new projects to share with you all! 

First up is a doozy, if I do say so myself. Remember @here I shared some plans for our dining room? Well, this room has taken a while to come together. It's rather expansive in actuality, so every piece has got to have some kind of gravity to it to work in here. The room is sort of squarish-shaped, and one wall houses our floor to ceiling brick 100 year old fireplace. I always knew on either side of the fireplace I wanted a pair of console tables with some character and symmetry to them...something like so...

The only problem was, that all of my vintage hunting was not turning up anything that was both big enough to fill the space properly, but also a pair- I needed TWO of them after all! 

A lightbulb went off for me when I found this French Provencial dining table for $25 at an antique store...

I threw it in the car and had my husband pull out his trusty Ryobi Circular Saw (the same one he used for our shelves @here) as soon as we got home. He cut the table in half length wise and mounted each half to the wall on either side of the fireplace...


I went through and filled the seam in the middle with wood filler and gave the whole piece a good sanding before I started painting...

I love how the emerald green pops against the dark eggplant-y walls. However, I wanted these beauties to be really special, so I added a black stripe down the center and went through and added some gold leaf detailing as well...

But I don't think I was totally sure about this project until I started styling these two. Styling is an ever evolving process for me, but here's a few snaps I took earlier today...

I love how there is some symmetry happening here, but they each have their own personality to them in how they are styled...

A lot still needs to come together before I'm feeling ready to share more photos of this room with you, but I'm pleased with the progress so far! Eeeek...now onto painting shoe moulding...Follow along on Instagram @here for more progress shots! 


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