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Behind the Turquoise & Tomato Door

This color combo is eye catching, no? I love the idea that the interior of this house might be a little Southwestern meets modern. I think Midcentury pieces could mix in with comfy California-style skirted sofas and vintage textiles abound. Something like this perhaps...


Behind the Periwinkle Door

It's going to eventually start feeling like Spring at some point...right?


Behind the Marsala Door  

Starting 2015 off with Pantone's color of the year...marsala. I'm loving the rustic feminism of this entrance. The wisteria is a dream, no?


Behind the Sunshine Yellow Door

This picture made me smile today as I was running around like crazy trying to tackly my to do "list"...the word "list" is a joke these days because it's never ending  and I feel like I can never fully check anything off completely...anyway...

Looks like it's probably a little shop of some type...but if it were my front door, my living room would look a little something like this...

A healthy mix of Southwestern desert, Midcentury vibes and European sensibility. A winning combo if I do say so myself. Remember to breathe in and out today, OK.


Behind the Iciest of Blue Doors

A pale, cool blue is not something I'm naturally drawn to, but I love the subtleness of this door against a crisp cream exterior...

Loving the mixed brass and chrome elements here, I picture a toned down space with amped up style...