New Sentiments for a New Year

My husband and I spent some time after Christmas through New Years with his family in Asheville, NC. On our drive back to Richmond, we talked about 2016. This is a big year for us...maybe the biggest of our lives. In March we become parents to a human being, a daughter.

We're lucky that even though we are very different people with different visions of ideal success and how to achieve it, we always see eye to eye on the importance of living a passionate life. We talked about how to raise a child with passion and enthusiasm vs. one who is just going through the motions.

I'm of the belief that if she comes from us then she'll be perfect in every way...duh. But I think in reality, being a parent is all about leading by example. Which is both easy and hard, but also scary to be watched so closely. 

So I'd like to spend this year cultivating an enthusiasm for life to inspire another one's life. It's a big task, and it's one I'll spend the rest of my life doing, but I think it's important to remember now more than ever.

Cheers to entry into motherhood...the most important thing I'll ever do.


Shop the R&W Look: Asian Mix

I did a local magazine interview a couple of months ago, and the interviewer asked specifically about the "Asian influence" in my home. I took a quick mental inventory and realized that you can find a little mix of Asian flair in almost every room in my house! I realized that this love probably stems from my home growing up- my parents were VERY into the whole '80's black lacquer furniture that was Thomasville's take on "Asian" as well as ginger jars from stores like Homegoods, etc. Please understand, this is not me mocking their look or the style, I think my Mom had it right well before many other high end designers did! I feel like I took her love a step further in seeking out the authentic and truly rare and mixing it in with my other loves.

You'll find antique Korean tanu chests mixed in with brass fretwork shelves and reproduction furniture from the '70's made by American of Martinsville and Dixie. In order for it not to look so contrived or "theme-y" I think it's always important to display your Asian pieces with lots of different styles. You'll see both in my home and the inspiration pics below, these pieces look right at home alongside French Provincial chairs, Danish Midcentury rosewood pieces, modern lighting and contemporary upholstery.

When trying to get the look in your own home, I think it's important to look for pieces with versatility and interesting lines. If it's a reproduction piece- could it be lacquered a poppy color? If it's an antique, can it actually be useful to you in your home? This will help it from looking less like a museum piece and more like a cool way to use something really old. For example, in our dining room I have a tansu cabinet from the 1860's that serves as part sideboard, part bar cabinet, part blanket chest- and it works because we need it to- duh!

So, here are some of my favorite pieces available for sale in our Chairish shop right now along with some inspiration for your peepers...


Pair of Antique Korean Elm Tansu Chests

Late 1800's Chinese Writing Console

Hand-Carved Chinese-Style Altar Bench

Bamboo Ming-Style Side Chairs

American of Martinsville Gray Ming-Style Desk

Pair of Dixie Shangri La Hutches


November Vibes

Feels appropriate to share some November vibes at the end of the's sort of the gateway to the holidays, no? November is all about reflecting back on the past year and sharing all the highlights. Let warm colors shine agains a cool backdrop. Mix natural woods with lacquered finishes; the coziness of an upholstered screen with the cool modernity of a concrete lamp. Show your home how thankful you are for it by treating yourself to fresh flowers every once in a while in November.


The State of my Union

Well kids, there's not denying it, my life is changing...quickly. You've probably noticed that the state of my blog is fairly unstable these days...I'm averaging about a month or so between posts. My business is keeping me extremely busy- both from the vintage retail and client/design end of things- which is great, but I'd be lying if I said it was my main focus right now. You see, if you're an Instagram follower you might have seen this pic I posted about a month ago, and if you read the caption, you might have caught the biggest news of my life...I am growing a human being that will be ready to pop out magically in March (that's how it happens, right?!).

Not only is it any old human's a GIRL human. A sweet, and I have a feeling already, very spicy little girl. I pinch myself just about every other day- I've honestly never been more excited and absolutely terrified at the same time.

My husband and I and our two geriatric dogs were mainly fine with our regular old life the way it was before; she's not even here yet and our little world has already turned itself upside down. I feel like I spent the summer either taking a nap or chowing down on simple carbohydrates just to keep from feeling sick. It wasn't very awesome, but I can tell you I've had an incredible second trimester, and now that my third trimester is in sight, I'm feeling a little panicky about getting all of my nesting done before little lady arrives.

We're making progress on the nursery (I can share my plans with you this week!) and I've been building a mighty tiny wardrobe (all necessities of course) for my girl. I've been gathering advice from all of my Mom friends and spending my nights reading up on what the experts say about raising children.

I keep telling myself that if Britney Spears can do it, anyone can do it, right? These are the kind of thoughts that race through my head when I can't sleep at night. At least she keeps me company by performing somersalts in my stomach all's to keep me entertained, right?

What am I most excited about? I think the idea of adding to my crew, my posse for life. Is it possible that my real life is sort of now only beginning in my 30th year? Kind of feels like it to me : )



October Vibes

This month we finished painting the Entryway and all the hallways in our house the most beautiful, palest warm pink. It's called Spanish Rose by Olympic paint. I'm pretty sure that's my main influence here. I love the barely there nature of a pale pink, it almost glows in the light. I especially love it paired with rich, jewel tones. My October is all about the juxtaposition of softness and boldness. I love how the pops of black help to keep things grounded. As we transition into Fall, remember color is the best way to keep warm.